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To use repellents is the way people use to prevent mosquito bites and, consequently, protect themselves from the diseases transmitted by them. The best known are those of the type aerosols and the electric ones that use some type of insecticide. But as these products are toxic, the reactions they cause can be as harmful to health as insect bites. For this reason, Electronic Repellents, which do not use chemicals, have been gaining space in the repellent market. And it was to talk about them that we prepared this matter.

We chose the Zen Repellent Electronic , because it is one of those that has more positive ratings on the part of those who have already bought.

Zen Repelente EletrĂ´nico is an anti-mosquito repellent, mosquito, rat and bats device that does not use chemicals, emitting only a powerful ultrasound that bothers them. The ultrasound used in Zen is imperceptible to human hearing. Can be used in environments such as bedroom, living room, kitchen etc. But for the correct operation of the device it is essential to observe and follow the instructions contained in the package.

The Zen Repellent Electronic is totally safe to the health of people and pets, and can be used without fear as it is non-toxic and anti-allergic. In addition to not producing interference in other electronic devices.

Its advantages are many:

  • Does not use chemicals;
  • Does not use refill;
  • It is harmless to humans, pets and the environment;
  • It oscillates in two base frequencies, guaranteeing greater effectiveness;
  • Inaudible – Does not disturb sleep;
  • Low power consumption: this product consumes up to 100 times less energy than a light bulb (compared to the consumption of a 50 Watt incandescent bulb);
  • Simple to use, simply plug in;
  • Bivolt (110v or 220v – automatic selection).

You can buy your Zen Repellent Electronic at Farma Delivery. However, it is also important that all methods of mosquito control are maintained, not throwing objects that accumulate water, such as plastic cups and tires, as these objects help in the proliferation of the mosquito. After all the Zen Repellent Electronic only repels the mosquito without killing, protecting only the environment where the product is. And for better effectiveness, it’s important to leave a window crack or the door ajar so mosquitoes leave the room.

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