Four Advantages Of Electronic Repellent

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Four Advantages Of Electronic Repellent -

When insects appear in the house, it is bothersome. Knowing this situation, especially in the case of people living in mosquito-infested mosquitoes and flies, the market has a variety of repellents for all situations.

Among these products are electronic repellents, made for those who need constant protection against insects. Widely used in outdoor activities, camping and in the field, these repellents are perfect for those who are in very large places, or even at home, wherever it allows insects to enter. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of using the electronic repellent? Check it out!

1. Electronic repellents have greater range
With simpler repellents, it is difficult to eliminate the insects that are present in the site because they need to be applied in places closer to these flyers. This is harder when you want to sleep on a summer night when mosquitoes are flying around the house. Electronic repellents have a wider range, allowing even insects farther out of range to be eliminated, ensuring a quieter night’s sleep on days of increased insect spread.

2. Some electronic repellents have effect for a single type of insect
Often, normal repellents do not work on certain insects. One that is basically resistant to most of them is the dengue mosquito, which has developed immunity to certain types of insecticides. Electronic repellents have the advantage of having more specificity as to the type of insect to which they are intended. For example. Zen repellent has efficacy in mosquito removal, especially against the dengue mosquito.

Some even allow the removal of bats and mice with sound waves, perfect for those who live in places infested by these animals. But beware: Most electronic repellents do not work against bees.

3. Do not leave organic waste on site
Generally, after using spray repellents indoors, organic waste may remain at the application site. For those who use in open places, it is much worse, because these chemical remains can interfere in the environment itself, especially plants and soil. With the use of electronic repellent, this can be avoided because they rarely leave leftovers that could intoxicate other animals and plants. Its composition is rapidly dissolved by the soil, which facilitates the elimination of these compounds in the environment.

4. Do not cause discomfort in people with sensitivity
A major disadvantage of organic repellents is that they can give allergic reactions in some people. In addition, the strong smell that exudes from these products can intoxicate domestic animals and children. As electronic repellents do not exude odor in the environment and can be fixed to any surface more easily, they are best suited to scare the insects that invade children’s bedrooms.

However, you should remember which insects you plan to move away from your home when buying a repellent.

Sometimes, only a bottle of body repellent can solve the problem of mosquitoes during the night. But if you have some kind of allergic resistance to creams or lotions, a more potent repellent will be needed. So, know which insect you want to get rid of and choose your repellent!

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