The working principle is to attract the insect with a UV lamp, we all know that ultraviolet waves are effective in killing bacteria and viruses, they are germicidal lamps that sterilize equipment, water and air. Insects can see ultraviolet light and are attracted to it.


But before reaching the light source there is a screen (like the ones to kill mosquitoes) and when the insect tries to pass, it shortens the circuit causing a short and his death.


UV light rays with wavelengths of approximately 365 nm are best suited to attract insects. They are electrocuted by the high voltage electrical grid located inside the unit. This system is ideal for mosquitoes of dengue, malaria and flies in general.


The working principle of the electric insect exterminator circuit is simple. As we have already described the insect is attracted by the light of the UV lamp, in this case a fluorescent UV lamp with two pins and 11Watts, and the poor is killed by the shock of 2 kV.

Making the screen is easy, one lap for each pole of the 2Kv output, do not come too close to prevent the spark leaping spontaneously.


The fluorescent lamp used is not ordinary compact, it has two pins and does not need a starter to light, only a proper voltage is required for operation, an example is this Philips lamp . The voltage of about 2 kV is achieved by means of a voltage triple circuit (capacitor / diode), 6x the mains voltage.

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