Different Types Of Insects Killer

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There are many devices with more and less cost and the tastes of all customers:

Electric flybridge.

This electric flycatcher is an excellent alternative to traditional matainsects since it does not pollute or contain toxic products, it is the most economical and clean form of ecological insect control. Indicated for the interior of the home, pantries, offices, small shops, etc.

Self-adhesive tapes

Another remedy that works in favor of the environment because it does not contain chemical agents. Climate changes do not affect it either, with the wind the strip is placed perpendicular, attracting more insects.

It acts during the day and night, 365 days a year.

Ant parasitic sprays.

The good thing about this matainsectos is that it is not necessary to include it in the decoration. On the other hand, the bad thing is that its effect is not very durable and ends up disappearing.

It contains chemical agents and you have to be careful with food and plants, you cannot throw it anywhere.

Flyswatter and flyswatter racket

Undoubtedly, the most effective of all systems against insects. Its use is manual, and not only for flies or mosquitoes but also for insects or arachnids of similar size.

The bad thing is that its use is punctual and cannot be used for pests or large-scale extermination.

Insects are notorious for transmitting diseases, the main ones that affect our country are dengue and malaria, but we cannot use insect repellents and insects at all times, not to mention that natural insect traps and repellents offer protection for one type of insect. mosquito, and other insects?

How to control pests like insects in a natural way? Ai comes in electronics, a tactic is a repellent that uses ultrasound to ward off mosquitoes in general, but is restricted to these insects.

We have seen in the articles an Electronic Mosquito Repellent Circuit and a Simple Insect Repellent some examples of this method of repelling insects, but it covers only a few types.

But strolling through the internet I found a nice article, an electric insect killer, that is nothing more than a lamp that attracts and kills the electrocuted insect.

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