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In advance, I wanted to point out that for this tip the experiment was purely empirical – that is, it is not based on scientific data.

Citronella essence is allied against insects and mosquitoes
Basically, my tips are on the use of the citronella essence, which in the market usually varies in price, between $ 10 and $ 25. The use of these essences in general is to aromatize the environments; but I will teach you three ways that you can use the essence as an ally in this task.

Tip 1 – When cleaning the house : After sweeping or vacuuming the dust from the room, wipe the floor with a mixture of water and a few drops of the citronella essence (and in this case, I recommend that there are few drops even, because the aroma of citronella is already well loaded). This, undoubtedly, was the most efficient way to use the essence of citronella as a repellent here at home. Even after a full day of rain, no mosquitoes showed up at home.

Tip 2 – In the Airstream : Use the ventilation aisle of your home to your advantage. For this, it is worth the same recommendation is used for electrical or other types of repellents. With a spray, I spread the same mixture of water and a few drops of citronella essence in the curtains. I still use some of that mixture in bedding to help keep the mosquito away while I’m asleep.

Tip 3 – In the diffuser of aromas : I reused the container of an aroma diffuser to assist in this task, using the same mix that I have already said – water and essence of citronella. For the sticks, you can use those wooden skewers easily found in the supermarket.

Citronella has low toxicity, so its oil can be used on the skin without damaging our health. According to some researchers, citronella essential oil has a repellent effect not only against mosquitoes but also repels flies, flies, moths, ants, beetles, cockroaches and fungi. The aroma of citronella activates proteins from insect pores, which, when activated, send chemical messages to the insect’s brain, causing an aversion reaction.

Citronella Candle Works?
We tested the citronella candles and the result was positive, completely removed the mosquitoes and flies from the piece in which they were used.

There are numerous recipes available on the internet teaching you how to make citronella candles, in case you choose to make your own, pay close attention to the quality of the ingredients used. Bad wicks can spend too fast, essential oil can be of poor quality and do not scare off insects, just as paraffin can melt quickly, so more important than knowing the recipe is getting good ingredients, let us know first.
Candles of Citronella – Kamari

Another important aspect to note is if you make your own candles or choose to buy them. While they are not in use, keep them in plastic bags or in their original packaging, so that the citronella aroma does not diminish, thus reducing its efficiency.

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