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Do you want to protect your children from mosquito bites? In summer, mosquitoes increase their presence bothering not only with their buzz at night but also with their bites during the day. This added to the fact that we spend more time outdoors (trips to the countryside or to the mountain, the pool or the beach) will make us more exposed to their bites. There are a wide variety of perfect mosquito repellents to use both when we are at home and when we are out of it. However, we must be careful because not all are suitable for children. If your children leave summer camp or go to spend a day outdoor, you must protect them from mosquitoes and other insects in an effective way.

We have online repellent anti-mosquito children totally safe. For example, Chicco is a brand specialized in the sale of children’s products. Within its catalog you will find mosquito repellents for children that have been designed for use only in children. Its formula contains natural ingredients for maximum tolerance. These repellents can be used in all types of skins and even in sensitive ones as it reduces the risk of suffering an allergy or irritation. The anti-mosquito repellents of Chicco that you will find in our online pharmacy are:

Anti-mosquito for children in spray : repellent will protect the smallest of the bites of mosquitoes during the day and night. Effective against the bites of the common mosquito and against the tiger mosquito. Repellent in spray format so it is comfortable and easy to apply. Spray the spray on all the parts of the body that you want to protect and distribute it until its complete absorption. Do not spray on the face directly. First in the hands and then spread on the face except in the area of ​​the eyes and in the mouth. This same anti-mosquito is in Roll on format . The only difference will be the way of use since it will have to be extended from left to right. A single application lasts 3 hours .

Beyond the anti-mosquito repellents, Chicco offers two other ways to avoid mosquito bites. On the one hand, the domestic anti-mosquito device . It is a silent and ecological device to use at home . Its objective is to emit ultrasounds that are annoying for insects. Therefore, they will keep them away from home. Noises are imperceptible to the human being. Repels any mosquito. Maximum protection day and night. Besides being silent, it is totally ecological. All that is needed is a power outlet. On the other hand, there is the ideal portable anti-mosquito device for the protection of babies and children outdoors. It also emits ultrasounds that bother the insects so they will keep them well away. Includes a clip to carry it in the cart.

And in case of bite, Chicco has the relief bar-soothing for bites that is suitable from 0 months. It will reduce the discomfort of the bite . Its formulation based on Zanthoxylum extract, anti-irritant properties, is especially indicated for the delicate skin of children. It does not contain ammonia. The roll on allows a smooth and precise application on the bite.

TRUCK – BAJO The truck has a unique and distinctive character. The form and the movement stimulate and develop the fantasy of children. Furthermore, the car offers the development of spatial orientation, hand-eye coordination, the sense of direction and distance.

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Mosquito repellent For children, Do Not Miss It!

In summer, with children and in a coastal wet area you cannot leave aside the mosquito repellent for children.


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